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who are about to release their first album NONSTRUCT.

Jim Casey

Jim Casey

Casey grew up around music and theatre where both parents were active players as well as teachers. He studied at Interlochen Arts Academy where he was awarded three gold microphones from DownBeat magazine, a prestigious jazz publication.

He worked actively in Chicago and in touring bands throughout the United States.

He has developed a career as business consultant for theatres, operas, symphonies and ballet companies.

Casey was named as the first ever pick for Hartke's "Greatest Unsigned Bassist," a huge honor bestowed upon him by Hartke Systems founder Larry Hartke.

Jim was a member of KLIK, which was Rolling Stone Magazine's "Hottest Unsigned Band".

Jim Casey plays Elrick basses, Hartke amps and speakers, and Samson wireless.

“Great music man!!! You are a fine player!!” - Paul Bushnell, Bassist/Producer (The Commitments, Ednaswap, Kelly Clarkson)

“When Casey first e-mailed me a track I will never forget that day. No more than I could forget the first time I heard Jimi Hendrix or Jaco Pastorius. Everything this guy plays is mind blowing.”- Larry Hartke, Hartke Systems

“Casey has a unique gift in his playing. Chops for days and intelligent compositions, his bass playing is out-shined only by his musicianship” - Shane Gibson, guitarist for Korn, Jonathan Davis

"Jim Casey combines a rock steady groove, a sticky-sweet and thick tone, and an abundance of slinky funk chops to confidently support any tune he gets his hands on. You just can't help but move when he's laying it down." - Bryan Beller, Bassist/Clinician (Steve Vai)

“Listening to Casey is like getting on your favorite roller coaster - ascending up to the top - taking the first dip at double speed and as you turn the corner being picked off by some kinda monster super hero... Yeah, its like that - a total rush!” - Editor, Zo Magazine

“Casey is the Hendrix of the bass guitar! A style and technique all his own ... Casey’s bass is served only one way – full and fat. A Hendrix lyric says it best, 'let it groove its own way .. let it drain your worries away.” - Shannon Ambrose, Artist Launch Magazine

“Casey, a true inspiration, I love your music and style. It’s jazzy, ORIGINAL, big and electrifying. Casey’s original and monstrous bass playing is intoxicating. He’s a master. A true 'bass monster,' he can mould the sound in any style giving it an edgy yet classy feel.” - Shahin Badar, Grammy nominated vocalist, The Prodigy.

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Hans Soeteman

Hans Soeteman

Hans played numerous gigs all over the Netherlands and surrounding countries with all kind of well known Dutch musicians and recorded several records. He embraced all kinds of musical styles, from bebop to metal and from music for "weddings and other happy and unhappy occasions" to cajun and blues.

Besides the Casey & Soeteman collaboration he is producing his own music in a project called "Dasinu". Futhermore he plays regular gigs with a Dutch modern Jazz band.

This is what reviewers from all over the world say about his music.

Jazzy Robots in a space club. Aliens all around. Space ships in the sky shooting lazers in dogfights. On Guitar, Robot 466, he uses heavy fuel we will samba all night in this futuristic groove.

The guitar player shown on this piece is the most impressive i've heard on this site. He holds much control on his instrument and reminds me so much of Robert Fripp. Solid rhythm section that accents off-beats well. Love the keyboard atmosphere and effects. This reminds me so much of King Crimson, and that should be a compliment.

I like the dark side of this music. This songs has some really nice musical transitions which makes all of the different parts of the song really pop out as important and dramatic. The quiet portions hold my attention and the rock portions bring the song to nice climaxes throughout. I also really enjoy how different instruments are highlighted between the rocking portions..a very classy rock song. Sensational ending to the piece. I could definitely see this song used in a movie soundtrack.

This song hits the listener full force. The guitar playing is very good and has hints of Steve Vai without out sounding like a clone. The drums and bass are very contemporary sounding and definitely fit the song. The mixing and mastering are first rate and really help bring the song together.

This piece was both ethereal and atmospheric and simultaneously grounded and focused. It was also haunting and spooking while still being heavy and rocking. The integration of all these qualities into a single song is quite impressive.

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